Kiirstin Marilyn: The plight of an indie artist...


This was a comment I posted on my own fb status update which read “Friends…I have a show Friday…”:

This status update should be read with an air of exhaustion. Unless you are an indie musician (or any indie/underground artist) you really have no idea what goes into booking show

: You can't go barraging me with questions about my EX asking me what I think


and then turn around and say I’m hung up on her and post about her when I was only answering your fucking nosy question about a subject I OTHERWISE wasn’t thinking about lol I deleted her on facebook, I deleted her number, I don’t pay any attention to her tumblr, the only time she crosses my mind…

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MICHAEL VAMPIRE: "MichaeL what's with the CapitaL L's??? "


Hello everyone,

As most of you know I tend to keep my L addiction out of my Tumblr posts ..most of the time. There’s a reason behind my L madness & here it is… It all started with a memo I read online. It was genius but I questioned it somewhat thinking people, especially my haters, wouldn’t…

Each picture gets better and better. :)
Anyone know where I can get one of these????? He looks like something I’d love to take home with me.  And keep!!!

I’m so hungover my eyes burn.

You make my eyes water with your sexiness. :)~
Very Nice!!

Do I win your heart?

Satan loves me #hail
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